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Story and Event Submission

Whats Up welcomes readers to submit content for publication. We are especially interested in content that engages readers with stories about the people, places and that illustrate Wyoming's unique spirit – how its active and diverse citizens are committed to promoting a high quality of life for all residents.

Please keep articles to no more than 500 words in plain text format, single spaced with only one space between sentences and double spaced between paragraphs. If your story contains URL links, please provide the full URL as well as the link text for the URL.

To submit a story or event, please fill out the form below after the submission guidelines below the form.

Story Submissions

We strongly prefer articles written in a popular magazine-style format. Content that provides insight into the personal experiences and challenges of the subjects is preferred over content that provides only dates and facts. We are seeking stories that delight readers, and inform them about what goes on behind the scenes. We reserve the right to edit all content or to deny publication if the story does not fit our mission.

Due to our magazine format, What's Up Wyoming is not the ideal place for announcements or “classified” ad types of content. This is not a community calendar. Social media sites such as Nextdoor.com or the emailed City newsletter are better suited to that material.


When submitting a story, please keep in mind the six categories we feature:

  • City News – Mainly featuring activities and projects from City government or its volunteer commissions.
  • Community and People – Features articles about people or groups and their unique contributions to the community locally or globally. These stories could be about an individual, a volunteer or church group, or some other specific organization that is making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Recreation – Stories in this category mainly feature local city events, but could also be about individuals working to bring about unique recreation opportunities to the Wyoming community.
  • Business – Articles should go beyond a basic listing or facts about a business, to show how and why this business is unique to Wyoming and inform readers of the story behind the business. News about business awards, updates and improvements is also welcome.
  • and Fire – Stories should celebrate the accomplishments and news of these important departments. Examples would be promotions, new equipment, awards, events and personnel changes.
  • Events – Please use the Event Submission form below.

Photo Guidelines

Anyone submitting a story is encouraged to also include a photo(s) in a landscape, color jpeg format at least 1200 pixels wide. We look for images that feature people “doing” things rather than standing and posing. Please include a caption that identifies the subjects in the photo by full name and title, if necessary, and what is being pictured (what is happening). You can send the images via sharing sites, such as Flickr and Smugmug, or via email.

Additional Guidelines

  1. Tell us about yourself and why you are submitting this idea. Please include your contact information with phone number and email address.
  2. What particular person, organization or business are you interested in featuring?
  3. Why is this person, business or organization important or of interest to Wyoming and/or its residents?
  4. What is the history of this person, business or organization? In other words, what led to this story?
  5. Tell us about what you want to see featured about this story subject. Please provide relevant content points.
  6. Who is the correct person to contact for more information about this person, business or group? Please include specific contact information if you have it.

Event Submission

To be considered for publication, events should be open to the public that either occur within the or have strong ties to Wyoming. The event must be happening two or more weeks in the future as of the time you request.

Promotion of business or for-profit events are limited to Wyoming based businesses and should be significant in nature.  No advertisement of regular course-of-business will be allowed (e.g. coupons, promotions, etc.).  Additionally, events and seminars which are designed to recruit members (i.e. Multi-Level-Marketing) or upsell additional products or services will not be allowed.

For events outside of Wyoming, the sponsoring organization must be Wyoming based or be led by a resident of Wyoming.

Note that events will be deleted from WhatsUpWyoming.com shortly after they have occurred.