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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Restaurants, Stores About to Open; Hoping for an Enthusiastic Response from Local Shoppers

On May 15, retail shops and restaurants will turn the lights on once again and greet customers!

Spirit of the Art Show Alive and Well In Wyoming, Thanks to Neighborhood Artists

The spirit and ideals of the Wyoming Show are still at work in the , from public art projects to the scholarship competition to a neighborhood display of works by artists young and old.

College Decision Day Becomes Yard-Sign Event as Seniors Celebrate at a Safe Distance

Senior students and their parents were encouraged to celebrate "2020 and Beyond" and announce their plans to pursue college, the military, job training, or a gap year through yard signs and porch decorations displayed on May 1.

Wyoming Kindness Connection Provides Emotional Boost

As we enter our seventh week in self-isolation, the is making a concerted effort to bring joy, comfort, and encouragement to its residents from its residents with the Wyoming Kindness Connection.

City Makes Difficult Decision Not to Open Aquatic Center for Summer 2020

The COVID-19 health crisis has claimed yet another victim – the summer swim season. After carefully weighing many factors, from safety concerns to the costs...