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Wyoming Announces 2020 Beautification Awards

The has doled out its annual awards, recognizing nine homes this year for extraordinary efforts in urban forestry, landscaping and historic preservation.

Fall Events Coming Soon

Shop Wyoming virtually and enjoy a choice of at the Rec Center parking lot.

Donuts and Hot Chocolate Make Civics Lessons More Fun

Wyoming Mayor Thaddeus Hoffmeister sweetened a little lesson in government with treats this past Saturday for a small group of students in grades six through 12.

Wyoming Flocked to Upcycle Day and Freebox

A total of 29,020 pounds, or 14.51 tons was salvaged by residents through the one-day Upcycle event.

Take a Walk and Enjoy Wyoming’s Architectural Variety

To help you appreciate the city's charming variety of homes during your outings, What's Up Wyoming has updated six posts on the significant architecture styles in Wyoming, with suggested walking tours to see specific homes described in each post.