The Sticker Shop, owned by Amy Webb, at 434-A Springfield Pike next to Wyoming Community Coffee, is now open and brings a unique idea to the Wyoming business scape.

Amy Webb in front of her new business The Sticker Shop

This new store offers stickers, stationery and merchandise that have been sourced from all over the world. Patrons can find cards, scrapbooks, stationery, pens, writing kits, books, and of course, stickers.

Over the past few months, Amy has renovated the space to capture a throwback décor reminiscent of the 1980’s. The space is open and bright, as well as welcoming to children and adults.

Three children enjoy the Sticker Shop

The Sticker Shop will also host a variety of workshops and activities for kids. These will include handwriting, calligraphy, journaling, sticker trading and other inventive projects.

Amy Webb and her family have lived in Wyoming for 5 years. She was an art major at Brigham Young University, specializing in painting, and she has written three books.

Stickers for sale at The Sticker Shop

As a child, Amy loved to create scrapbooks and journals, and she fondly remembers the joy that stickers brought her.  The Sticker Shop addresses a national resurgence of interest in stickers and associated activities among both children and adults. Amy believes that her new shop offers an excellent way to get children off the computer or couch and involved in creative thinking, art and writing. She encourages the community to stop by and say hello.