Let’s raise a glass to Works!

According to the American Works Association (AWWA), has the best tasting in the entire state of Ohio. In the annual blind taste test at the 2018 Ohio Section AWWA “One Water” Conference in Columbus, our water was awarded “Best of the Best.”

You might think all is alike: it’s an odorless, colorless, flavorless liquid that you bathe in, clean with, cook with, and of course, drink. But all water is not created equal. The judges at the conference unanimously agreed that was superior in appearance, flavor, and odor.

“We’re proud to be a two-time winner of the contest,” said Water Works director Mike Lippert. earned the title in 2011 as well, in a competition open to all water utilities in the state. “We owe it to the competence and dedication of Wyoming’s water operators.” These operators are all EPA certified, complementing a management staff that holds certifications as well.

The Water Works began pumping water from the Millcreek Aquifer in 1892, and continues to draw from this abundant source. In 2000, the city opened a state-of-the- lime softening plant to help with process control and water consistency, and has continued to add upgrades in technology and equipment ever since.

So the next time you drink a glass of water, take a moment to savor it. After all, you’re drinking the best tasting water in the state!