's picturesque good-looks were once again a big draw for as another movie production rolled into town to film here for a holiday-season movie special. The movie, “The Masterpiece,” will feature several Wyoming locations.

Through the magic of Hollywood, the heat of July was transformed into the -covered, make-believe world of Lakeside, a town where the story of a young girl unfolds. She comes to Lakeside to live with her grandparents at Christmas after the loss of her mother.

Executive Producer and Wyoming resident Wayne Goodrich says the movie was filmed “in the traditional style of a Hallmark holiday production, but not quite so romantic or predictable. The young heroine's artistic flair with and in life, leads her to help revitalize the small town of Lakeside. Her spirit and drive help bring the town together,” adds Goodrich.

If you recall, it was just a few years ago, in 2015, when Mariah Carey visited Wyoming to star in a Hallmark Channel holiday movie, “A Christmas Melody.” The project featured Wyoming's business district and Middle School as the primary set locations, and residents were amazed to see the town become a winter wonderland in the still-warm months of early fall.

For “The Christmas Masterpiece,” a number of Cincinnati locations were used. There were three in Wyoming – the Colonel house (Ramstetter residence); the Pfierman residence on ,  and The Restaurant.  They “were chosen for their charm and uniqueness,” says Goodrich. Executive Producer Dain Paige is also from Wyoming.

“The Christmas Masterpiece” is expected to air for the Christmas season in 2020.