It’s been a year of major accomplishments for ’s Public Works Department. Springfield Pike, of course, is the biggest and most visible project in town, but 2019 saw significant work done on many of the city’s roads.

Most recently, the Maple Avenue Bridge Replacement was completed, and the bridge reopened on November 26. Before that, mains and curbs were replaced and the streets reconstructed on Ritchie Avenue and Garden Circle; and Pendery, Beech, and Worthington Avenues all received new curbs and surfacing this year. In addition, Adleta Construction began work this month to replace the Mt. Pleasant walk bridge and install sidewalks on the south side of Road from to Brayton Avenue. Weather permitting, that work should be completed by year’s end.

Sure, but what about the Pike?

“The contractor has pretty much shut down operations for the winter,” says Terry Huxel, ’s Public Works Director. “They will return in 2020 to complete the final asphalt work and road markings.”

That start date will depend on the weather, most likely around mid-March. While the streets still have some rough spots, that condition is not permanent. Furthermore, the city will be paying close attention to the Pike in the coming months.

“[The contractor] will be on site the next few weeks,” Huxel says, checking on the work they have already completed, “and working with the City to assure all asphalt wedging that has been placed around manholes and catch basins is sufficient for safe operation of plows during the winter.”

With so much construction and repair in the past year, it may feel like a holiday miracle to hear that there are no new major roadwork projects planned for 2020.