The COVID-19 health crisis has claimed yet another victim – the swim season.

After carefully weighing many factors, from safety concerns to the costs of operation in the middle of a health crisis, the City of has made the difficult decision to not open the Aquatic Center for the summer.

“While we were hoping that summer activities would be able to resume without restriction, it is now clear that there will be continued impacts into the foreseeable future,” says Director of Recreation and Citizen Engagement . “We feel as though this decision is in the best interest of safety and fiscal health. The start-up costs for the pool are significant and our projected return on that was going to be severely diminished.”

As with other municipal governments across the country, Wyoming is experiencing financial strain as tax revenues decline and demand for services continues. The city’s general fund could see a decline of 15 to 25 percent, says .  This requires cost cutting where possible, as unfortunate as that may be.