If you’ve driven by the recently, you may have noticed some tree removal and fencing for construction work. The city has started a capital improvement project on the 3.04 acre tract formerly known as the Kattelmann property that will include two new multi-use synthetic turf fields, built-in natural terraced seating, and a wall ball facility built into a planned retaining wall.

The upgrades are part of improvements designated through the 2018 to add more field space for sports such as soccer and lacrosse. Maintaining field space has been a continual challenge for the city due to its dense population, high participation numbers, and limited acreage, says Director of Recreation and Citizen Engagement . A citizen-led task force was appointed by the mayor in 2018 to come up with a collective design for the property that would maximize its potential.

A Land Water Conservation Grant for $456,549 will fund a portion of the project, with the remaining $1,902,953 will be funded through the city’s Capital Improvement Fund and a municipal bond. The fields will be installed end-to-end in a north/south configuration, with terraced seating cut into the hill at the west side of the property nearest , with player seating on the opposite side. The project includes planting trees and landscaping along .

Two new synthetic turf fields will be part of the improvements made at the Recreation Center this summer.

In addition, the plans call for a new paved access path on the south side of the Recreation Center property to link to the sidewalk on the east (northbound) side of Springfield Pike. This will allow for a safer pedestrian access that by-passes the narrow sidewalk on Springfield Pike that runs close to the road, says Leininger.

Construction is expected to wrap up in late August or early September.