Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming, the air is warm and pleasant…and the orange barrels are back along Springfield Pike. The Ohio Department of Transportation has authorized construction to resume this week on the Pike, which means the end is in sight despite the difficulties imposed by COVID-19.

“The pandemic may impact the size of the crew on site,” says Public Works Director Terry Huxel, “But hopefully not the schedule.”

Workers have already begun work, adjusting manhole castings and repairing concrete bus pads, sidewalks, and curb replacements to prepare for final paving. In addition, city workers have adjusted three valve boxes, at Linden, Egan, and Mt. Pleasant.

Starting April 8, asphalt contractors will begin the Pike. Work will move from south to north and go lane by lane: first the northbound curb lane, then the driving lane, then the southbound lanes. While there will be no parking in the work areas during this phase, Huxel stresses that traffic flow will be maintained in both directions. Naturally, this will require drivers to watch out for the construction areas. “Please be alert to the activity on the Pike and the changing traffic patterns as they progress with the paving,” Huxel cautions.

is expected to be finished by May 15, barring further complications, and traffic lights will be synchronized as paving is completed.

The final configuration of will have one driving lane in each direction, with a shared center lane for turning. “Drivers should only enter the turn lane when they are within 200 feet of their turn,” warns Chief of Rusty Herzog.  “The center lane is not a passing lane.”

The new driving lanes are wide enough to be shared by bicycles as well, adds Herzog.

To receive text message alerts about construction or traffic, text the word to 888777. Questions or concerns can be directed to at 513-821-3505.