As Governor DeWine allowed restaurants to reopen for outdoor on May 16, residents ventured outdoors to enjoy food and beverages at local establishments. Public Works moved picnic tables from the closed Aquatic Center to provide additional seating outside various Wyoming restaurants. The nice spring weather is really drawing interest in ice cream at Cowboy Cones!

The plastic, reusable cups associated with ’s new DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) may also now be purchased at several Wyoming restaurants for a nominal fee. The cup changes color when filled with a beverage, and patrons must consume their beverage before entering another restaurant.

Empty cups may then be taken into a different restaurant for another beverage. For those who are ready to get out of the house –  but remain safely socially distanced – allows the opportunity be outdoors and still get the experience of going out for a drink.

A map of the area is provided on the City website. Wyoming’s is already proving to be a popular location!