’s annual enjoyed enormous success this year, with 18 volunteers receiving more than 15 tons of reusable waste from residents.

I believe we all need to do our part to help the environment and to treat the earth gently,” said volunteer Terry Lemmerman. “Everyone was enthusiastic about the project and several people made multiple trips.”

partners reported collecting 7000 pounds of building materials; accepted 10,500 pounds of goods; took away 8400 pounds of e-waste; and Matthew 25 Ministries collected about 500 gallons of latex paint, weighing in at 3000 pounds, with partners A2C2, Terracycle, and Eco, the day finished out with 30,465 pounds of waste collected for reuse.

“Overall, it was a wonderful day,” said Member Sarah Stankorb, who worked the event. “None of this would have been possible without the partners and volunteers, but Patrick [Walker, Environmental Stewardship Commission member] deserves such a debt of gratitude for coming to the city years back with this idea and then working as part of ESC to make it a reality for our community.”