Everyone is likely preparing for ’s annual Junk Day, looking forward to unloading those unwanted items in their house, basement, or garage. Before you put everything at the curb on April 9, take advantage of the Freebox Free-For-All, an event hosted on April 2-3 by the Wyoming OH Freebox Facebook group, which is among ’s everyday efforts to divert waste from the landfill.

Nearly 2,000 residents are members of the Freebox group, where you post a photo of an unwanted item and find it a new home—often within minutes—when it’s claimed by someone in the community. “It began as an idea among parents who were tired of buying new sports gear every season and recognized an opportunity to trade within the neighborhood,” says Mary Beth Fischer, a Freebox admin. “Now Freebox has grown into much more. I love being part of such a giving and generous community.”

The Free-For-All event, scheduled the weekend before Upcycle Day (April 8) and Junk Day (April 9), works a little differently than Freebox’s usual post-and-claim system. Instead of posting one item, residents can share a photo of several items, gathered on their porch or yard, along with their address. Neighbors can show up and snatch the stuff they want on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Free-For-All is Freebox, but amplified,” Fischer says. “Take all the excitement around Freebox and shove it into 2 days. People love to walk around with their kids and find treasures.”

Before you participate, the group offers a tip: Be careful not to leave items outside that you don’t want picked up. People will be all over town looking for fun finds, and while clear instructions have been given that people are only to pick up what has been posted as part of the Freebox Free-For-All, they’d rather avoid any mistakes.

“The city’s Environmental Stewardship Commission has been working hard to reduce our ’s waste stream, and we’re grateful Freebox was eager to help,” says Member Sarah Stankorb Taylor. “It makes the sustainable choice a no-brainer and the spirit of Freebox makes it fun, too. I hope the event draws more residents into the group to share and even find a few new treasures themselves!”

If you’re not already a member of OH Freebox, search for the group on Facebook and click “Join Group.” Once you’re approved by an admin, you can start sharing and finding items from your neighbors.