The City of Wyoming recently hired Emily Dengler as the City’s full-time Communications and Events Coordinator. Dengler graduated this month (May 2022) with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Ohio University. She grew up in Circleville, Ohio, and has held several internships during her college years. Emily also won first place in the MPI University Challenge, which is a national university event planning competition.

What’s Up Wyoming asked Emily to answer a few questions to help our community get to know her.

Why did you choose to focus your career on communications and event management?

I chose this focus because I love connecting with people. Being able to help someone communicate their ideas or plan their dream event is a passion of mine.

Tell us a little about your background and experience.

While in college, I held five different internships that dealt with event planning, social media, and marketing. I also was the Lead Student Expo Coordinator for Ohio University’s Student Expo. The 2021-2022 school year was the first year Ohio University held an in-person Expo since the pandemic started. We had 500-plus student participants and 2,000-plus guests.

Why did you take the position of Communications and Events Coordinator for the City of Wyoming, and how do you like it so far?

I took this position for a few reasons. First, this position covered my areas of interest when looking for post-graduate jobs. I love that I get to do both communications for the City and help plan and coordinate their events. Second, I visited Cincinnati last year with some of my family who live here, and I fell in love. I knew that I wanted to end up in the Cincinnati area.

Last, I love that I get to work for a small town whose residents love where they live. I grew up in Circleville, Ohio, and I really enjoyed growing up in a small town and knew I would love to work for a small town. After my first week of working here, I have met the nicest members of the community. Everyone has made me feel so welcomed and I feel like I have already worked here for a while.

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy?

When I have free time, I love to go for runs or walks outside. It has been fun discovering new walking paths in the area. I love discovering new places to eat with my friends and family.

What else would you like Wyoming to know about you?

I want the people of Wyoming to know that I have never felt so welcomed to a community this fast. I am so excited to be the Communications and Events Coordinator, and I can’t wait to connect with residents and businesses.