What do juggling, scarf dancing, and walking on stilts have in common? They’re all classic circus skills that the team from Circus Mojo, Cincinnati’s premier circus arts organization, plans to share with the this Thursday, June 30, at 7 p.m. at Village Green.

was formed in 2009 by Paul Miller following his tenure at the prestigious Ringling Bros. Clown College. After touring with “The Greatest Show on Earth,” Paul decided to bring circus activities—and the creativity they inspire—to audiences of all ages. “Circus Mojo [was built] with a focus on three rings: entertainment, education, and development. Circus Mojo’s programs and performances are designed to unlock personal talent, confidence, drive, and spirit,” says Miller.

As the latest installment in this ’s Family Entertainment Series, ’s free program welcomes adults and children of all ages to tap into their inner performing artist. Participants will have the opportunity to combine physical circus skills (unicycle, anyone?) with forms of creative expression such as improvisation. Come one, come all and experience the circus like you’ve never done before.