The City invites community members to the Springfield Pike Safety and Streetscape Plan Open House on Tuesday, June 27, at 6 p.m. at the Wyoming Civic Center. This event offers an opportunity for residents to share their thoughts and consider conceptual designs that could lead to safety and streetscape improvements such as enhanced sidewalks and gathering places, crosswalks, bike lanes, and more.

The 2018 Wyoming Master Plan identifies two corridors of Springfield Pike, the Promenade and North Pike, as zones of potential change. The City has already made some changes reflected in the plan, but other projects are still in progress.

Master Plan Initiatives

The City is working to implement Master Plan initiatives for the Promenade (the area between the Public Library and the Civic Center) and North Pike (from Forest Avenue to our northern gateway), which were identified as key focal points of Wyoming in our 1997, 2007, and 2018 Master Plans. Ongoing efforts have centered around these Zones of Potential Change, which can be viewed in the Master Plan.

Springfield Pike Road Diet

The Springfield Pike reconfiguration project, which spans the Promenade and North Pike areas, has addressed safety issues, improved stormwater management, and aided traffic flow. Since its completion in 2020, the City has seen a 27% decrease in crashes involving injury, and a 21% decrease in crashes involving property damage.

The Promenade

Part of the Village Historic District, the Promenade includes the Public Library, Wyoming Middle School, and the Civic Center, making it the civic core of the City. In 2009, the Mayor and City Council appointed the Promenade Task Force, and asked members to study the area and provide further refinement to the general concepts outlined in the 2007 Master Plan. The detailed concepts developed by the Promenade Task Force are included in the 2018 Master Plan. The consistent element is the creation of a linear park with several amenities along the streetscape connecting the library to the Civic Center.

Arepa Place

North Pike

Most recently, the Economic Development Commission’s North Pike Subcommittee, created in 2021, identified potential redevelopment opportunities in North Pike consistent with the 2018 Master Plan. The Master Plan outlines a goal to improve connectivity and make high-quality improvements along Springfield Pike in the core of the North Pike zone. The public right-of-way provides an opportunity to create a cohesive and intentional design. Improvements to the streetscape, such as wide sidewalks, street trees, landscape plantings, seating areas, drinking fountains, bus shelters, and/or burying or relocating utilities will be vital to improving the visual quality of North Pike and spurring private reinvestment. The EDC’s final report was adopted by City Council in April 2022.

Hamilton County Grant

To build off the momentum of new businesses in the North Pike and Promenade corridors, the City successfully obtained a $40,000 grant from Hamilton County to work with a planning consultant to create the Springfield Pike Streetscape Improvement Plan. The City has hired KZF Design to develop the plan, guided by a steering committee of Wyoming residents and business owners, as well as the public.