CWC – The Restaurant Joins Wyoming Dining Scene

Wyoming restaurant scene gains new addition with the opening of CWC, The Restaurant, a bistro owned by Wyoming sisters Caitlin Steininger and Kelly Trush.

Wyoming entrepreneur Zach Green invited to Washington to show his products

What started as a small part-time business out of the trunk of his car has now led Wyoming resident Zach Green all the way to the White House. Green, a volunteer Wyoming firefighter, founded his business, MN8 Foxfire, six years ago after realizing that photo luminescent technology could keep firefighters safer in dark, smoky conditions. Today, his company, which manufactures...

Half Day Café Celebrates 10 Years in Wyoming

Ten years ago last spring, Wyoming was abuzz with the opening of a new restaurant on the corner of Wyoming Ave. and Springfield Pike.

Wyoming’s Tela Is Hip and Hearty

From I like to imagine that everyone who orders the pretzel nugs ($7) at Tela, the new gastropub in Wyoming, does same thing I did: Dips a little pretzel nugget into the dark sauce, takes a bite, then stops and says Wha....?!? What is that? What it is is roasted garlic caramel, a dessert-sweet sauce that tastes like brown sugar, garlic and...