It’s been a long, long couple months of coronavirus quarantine. And no one is more ready to end it than restaurants and retailers who were forced to close for weeks during the shutdown. On May 15, retail shops and restaurants will turn the lights on once again and greet customers!

To help welcome them back to the world of daily business (albeit now with social distancing), the and the have launched ShopWyoming – a local business relief campaign to draw attention and dollars to Wyoming businesses that have lost out on months of revenue during the heart of the pandemic.

“The federal cash stimulus for small business hasn’t been readily available for everyone,” notes Lynn Tetley. “Our goal is to create a local stimulus to show our appreciation.”

Residents are encouraged to buy gift cards through the program by clicking here. The first 50 shoppers to buy a gift card for $25 or more will receive an additional $20 gift card sponsored by a donation from Rachel Hodesh, owner of local business Innovative Lifestyle Care. The gift cards are available from a wide variety of ’s retailers and eateries so there are multiple spots to choose from. Use them now or later.  You can also choose to make the gift card a donation.

As you prepare to leave the confines of your living room for the greater world, don’t leave altogether. Shop and eat locally to help spur the ’s back to life!