already had a reputation as the creator of amazing chocolate candy long before she decided to make it into a business.

That’s why she paid attention when friends and neighbors began telling her she should sell her delicious chocolate creations all year, instead of just giving them away at holidays.

Five years ago, the timing was right for her to make a switch from her full-time career as a naturalist with the Cincinnati Park Board. She had just had a third son, Benjamin, and she felt working part-time would suit her busy family schedule better. Her husband, Chris, and sons, Jack, and Charley, as well as Benjamin, were all on board.

Little did she know how quickly her fledgling venture, , would grow. The name is based on her surname with its three “B” letters. Today, Babb has clients who order online from all over the world. She sells her candy through gift shops, restaurants, such as , and regularly caters to large events, such as weddings and corporate parties.

“It’s fun.  It’s creative,” she says. “I like working with my hands.”

She works out of her home, which is beginning to feel the strain of large scale candy production, she admits. “There are times when every table in the house is full of candy,” she says with a laugh. Her family is supportive, however, as long as they get samples.

Her chocolates are based on family recipes she has developed and tweaked to find her branded taste. With names like Butterfly, Bolder, and Billion Bars, as a play on the letter “B” in her business name, the candies come in dark, milk, and white chocolate. They are filled with mixtures of peanut butter, caramel, pretzel, and vanilla cookie, and gift boxes start at $10.

Friends and neighbors in Wyoming make up about half her business. She even has a box at the end of her driveway where customers can pick up orders for faster service. She also donates candy in support of local organizations, such as the Wyoming Junior Women’s Club, , and the .

During the holiday season she sells “thousands of candies.”  But she is prepared. “My family knows this is a time of year when I’ll be in high production. There is usually a tray of ‘duds’ they can snack on. Unfortunately for them, as my candy-making has become more efficient, there are fewer duds.”

Three B’s Sweets will be at the Holiday One Stop event at the Civic Center on Dec. 2. For more information, or to order, go to