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Plaque Dedicated to Honor the Birthplace of Wyoming

On a spring day 157 years ago, Robert Reily called a meeting of his neighbors to be held in his home, Twin Oaks, for the purpose of naming the village that was rapidly developing

Wyoming enters into agreement allowing residents to participate in “Get Efficient” and “Solarize...

Reflecting its heritage as Cincinnati's first true suburb, Wyoming is one of the first suburbs outside of the county seat to enter into an agreement with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) that will allow our residents to participate in GCEA’s “Solarize Cincy” and “Get Efficient” programs.
Wyoming Home Sales

Wyoming Home Sale Prices Rise in 2017

Wyoming real estate sale prices followed area trends upwards in 2017 due to strong demand and the continuation of relatively low interest rates

Long Live the Queen: Wyoming’s Architecture During the Victorian Era

This article is second in a series about Wyoming’s architectural variety (click here to view the first story). Documents and books at the Wyoming...

Wyoming Has a Long History of Community Appeal – A Look at Wyoming’s Development...

Wyoming’s architecture and tree-lined streets continue to draw residents
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