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Wyoming enters into agreement allowing residents to participate in “Get...

Reflecting its heritage as Cincinnati's first true suburb, Wyoming is one of the first suburbs outside of the county seat to enter into an agreement with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) that will allow our residents to participate in GCEA’s “Solarize Cincy” and “Get Efficient” programs.

Springfield Pike Construction: It Begins

Road construction has come to Wyoming, and this is only the beginning.

Senior Residents Have More Fun Thanks to Agreement With Springfield Township

The City of Wyoming and Springfield Township have a reciprocal agreement that allows senior residents to join programs in either community.

Renovations Underway at Wyoming Civic Center

Work has begun to update the historic Wyoming Civic Center, a building that dates to 1949.

Love for Animals Prompted Eighth Grader to Take Civic Action

Lily Rosenberg's love of animals and desire for a dog inspired her to write to Wyoming City Council about its law regarding the number of dogs per household.