Another hurdle in the long process to build the next phase of the West Fork Mill Creek Greenway trail has been leaped as the project moves forward with construction documents and grant applications, including plans to begin construction in 2019.  A paved path from Wyoming all the way to Winton Woods could be open as soon as 2020.

Tim Zelek, director of Design and Land Acquisition for Great Parks of Hamilton County, says the proposed trail addition will connect two Hamilton County Great Parks: Glenwood Gardens and Winton Woods.  This would give users roughly 2.5 to 3 more miles of trail for walking or cycling.

For Wyoming residents, this will offer the chance to walk (or cycle) from Wyoming to Winton Woods on a dedicated path that winds from Oak Park through Woodlawn, Glenwood Gardens, and soon – along Glenview Golf Course and then into Winton Woods – a roughly 15-mile round trip if you start at Oak Park.

View the map of the proposed extension here. 

These local trails are part of a larger regional trail system that will eventually connect multiple recreation areas and allow pedestrians and cyclists to access 175 miles of interconnected pathways that will encompass nearly all of Hamilton County and tie into regional trails such as the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Wyoming’s roughly 1.1-mile section of the trail winds from the Recreation Center to North Park and now continues on to Oak Park, a portion that was just completed last year.

Construction of the new trail section from Glenwood Gardens to Winton Woods is expected to cost $3-$5 million, says Zelek, which will be primarily funded through grants.