If you’re a developer, designer, or builder, the wants your proposals for an infill project.

The City has released a Request For Proposals (RFP) with the aim of improving several vacant lots in the city center. “The objective is to provide new housing in place of deteriorated or functionally obsolete homes,” said Development Director Terrance Vanderman.

To that end, developers are invited to submit their ideas for infill development of vacant lots on Van Roberts Place, Oak Avenue, and Crescent Avenue. Ideally, the project “will ensure that the architectural characteristics of the homes will integrate well into the neighborhood while providing amenities sought by modern families,” Vanderman said.  The RFP urges that any new homes should be energy efficient, use recycled or sustainable materials where possible, and employ local designers, tradespeople, and suppliers.

Through the infill project, the City hopes to support home values and encourage reinvestment in the city center and serve as an example for future and construction, while maintaining the integrity of the existing neighborhoods.

The entire RFP is available on the City of Wyoming website, including project scope, background, general information about the City of Wyoming, and submission requirements. The deadline for the first phase of proposals is March 18, 2019; from these the City will select the best possibilities and begin a more detailed evaluation of each submission.

The sites at 715/717 Van Roberts Place, 637/639/641 Oak Avenue, and 220 were acquired by the Improvement Corporation over the past several years. Distressed or condemned structures were demolished, leaving the lots ready for construction.