When the folks living in the tornado-ravaged communities of Dayton needed help with clean-up earlier this month, answered the call. A crew of seven from Wyoming’s Public Works Department headed to the suburb of Beavercreek with two dump trucks and a bobcat to help clear away tree limbs and brush so the people of the could begin the process of re-building.

“This is some of the worst damage I’ve ever seen,” said Andy Callan, a maintenance worker with Public Works. “We worked two 12-hour days and hauled away more than 50 truckloads of brush and debris.  I still feel like we barely made a dent, but the people up there really appreciated the help.”

was one many neighboring municipalities that offered manpower and equipment to help the people of Dayton recover.

“We want to help out when we can to let our neighbors know we care,” said Lynn Tetley. “You never know when the situation could be reversed and you might need the help of others.”

Editors’ Note: Public Works team members who helped with in Dayton (picture above) were, from left: Zach Wagner, Jake Stapleton, Steve Wietmarschen, Tom Pfeffer, crew leader, Andy Callan, Kevin Lewallen, senior crew leader, and Greg Stehlin.