What’s Up Wyoming and the city want to help you re-discover the pleasure of doing business here in Wyoming with local business owners who put their heart and soul into their endeavors.

Each week we will bring you short profiles of local businesses in the hopes that you’ll be inspired to shop local and spur recovery in your home town while you’re taking care of your family. Here is the third round of business profiles:

Half Day Cafe

A personal letter from Half Day Café Owner, Dale Hipsley:

“Thank you for coming back into our restaurants – your presence is both a vote of confidence and an encouragement. We’ve taken the guidelines from Responsible Restart Ohio seriously to ensure your safety.

“The lockdown has exacted quite a toll on all small businesses – we’re no exception. Financially, it’s been brutal. Emotionally, it’s been exhausting. It’s been very frustrating sitting on the sidelines waiting to be told when and how we can do what we do.  We’re glad to (finally) have the opportunity to serve you again.  Really glad.

“To all of you who have been wonderfully faithful cheerleaders for us and other locally-owned independent restaurants and who’ve selflessly contributed to our success – sincere thanks to you. The only way we little guys will survive this mess is for ALL of you reading this to not only continue to support us, but to tell others why you enjoy eating here – whether it’s a certain menu item, your favorite employees, or both.

“The sad reality is that if independent businesses don’t get the support they need, they may not make it through this next challenging year. And then the dining landscape will only have… chains. Yes – globally owned, cookie-cutter, corporate chains. It’s vital in the coming months that you be intentional in deciding where to eat out.

“After reading this, please tell at least four people you know about Half Day Café – that we still cook from scratch and care about quality food.  And yes, that the owner’s this quirky guy who thinks life’s too short not to drink fresh-squeezed orange juice!

“Welcome back! We look forward to serving you!”

 Wyoming Pastry Shop

It’s a good bet that most of the donut, cookie and bread-loving customers of Wyoming Pastry Shop don’t know the long history of master baking that goes into each fresh-baked item at this historic Wyoming business.

Phillip and Kimberly Reschke both began working at the Wyoming Pastry Shop in 1989 under Phillip’s late father, Erich Reschke, who purchased the shop in 1980. The history of baking began long before 1980 as Phillip’s father was a skilled Master Baker who immigrated to Ohio from Germany in the early 1950’s.

It was in Cleveland, Ohio, where Erich applied his skills as a professional baker for many years and then in 1980 he began the search for a bakery to acquire of his own. It was here in Wyoming, Ohio where he landed and purchased the historical bakery as we know now as the Wyoming Pastry Shop.

But the story of the stores goes back much further to when the first owner William Rodendeck first purchased the store in 1934. In 1948, he sold it to Eddie Oltman, and 20 years later in 1968, Parabeth Swenson bought the business. This long tradition makes it one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Wyoming.

After the passing of Erich Reschke, his son Phillip, a second-generation master baker, and wife Kimberley, a skilled cake decorator, took over the business in 2007, as the fifth owners. Since then they have expanded the bakery options to include bread, coffee cakes, muffins, pies, cookies, decorated cakes, wedding cakes, quiche, cheesecakes and more. Some of the most popular recipes date to the original owner, however, such as the shop’s famous Bacher rye bread.

Stop in anytime to 505 Wyoming Avenue to pick up a daily sweet treat or custom order. You can also follow the store on Facebook. You can also watch their most recent documentary here: https://youtu.be/A4Ea3MpVUFo.

Browning’s of Wyoming

Another longtime Wyoming business, Browning’s of Wyoming, offers unique art and custom framing for a one-of-a-kind look.

Tish Williams, owner of Browning’s, bought the business in 1994, becoming the third owner in the store’s 59 years. She says many shoppers have the misconception that custom framing is beyond their budget.

“It is often misunderstood that you will find a better price point at larger retail chains, she says. “Our prices will most likely beat out any larger retailers such as Michaels.”

And her experience with art and framing means your artwork will stand out from the crowds of online retailers offering mass-produced products.

Browning’s has a large selection of paintings and prints by artists both local and from across the country. Custom framing is a major part of the business and Browning’s can frame almost anything – from paintings, prints and photos to memorabilia, jewelry and clothing.

Learn more about Browning’s here.