The variety of in  enhances our community’s charm and sense of history. The work of one local architect, Walter Cordes, adds a particular flair to Wyoming’s architectural variety with his unique designs that ranged from Tudor Revival to to Modern. He had an impressive career spanning five decades, designing homes and commercial buildings throughout Cincinnati, including over 40 homes in our community. You can see six examples of buildings designed by Cordes with a half-mile walk in Wyoming.

What’s Up Wyoming is providing an encore of six posts on the significant styles in Wyoming.  Each new post includes a pdf with a map and walking directions to see the featured homes.  Use these stories as guides to learn more about the historic progression of Wyoming and the individual beauty of its architectural styles, ranging from the earliest homes of the 1850s to the mid-century modern ranches and split-levels of the 1950s-1970s.  You can also pick up a large color map of Wyoming, produced in 2014, at the city administrative office on and at the Wyoming Rec Center, or you can download a pdf of a simplified map from the city website by clicking here.

Click here for a map and walking directions along Wilmuth Avenue, Springfield Pike, and Linden Drive to see six distinctive buildings designed by Walter Cordes.

Tudor Revival was very popular in the 1920s. This home at 26 Wilmuth Avenue was built by in 1920 as his own residence.
was a talented architect, adapting Colonial Revival styles to include attached garages. This 1941 home at 161 Linden Drive features several of Cordes’ signature design elements, including the inverted finial shapes below the front clapboard siding and the row of tiny windows of the connector between the house and the garage.

Cordes grew up in Wyoming and joined his father’s and construction firm after serving as a pilot in World War 1. He became a versatile architect, adapting popular Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival styles to include attached garages, and ultimately developing his own style. Cordes designed over 40 homes in Wyoming. You can find additional photographs and more details about the homes listed on the walking tour in the What’s Up Wyoming post “Walter Cordes: A Significant Architect for Wyoming” here.

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