You may notice trucks around town over the next few weeks working on the city’s utility poles. New set to be in place by February will save the city thousands on utility expenses every month due to their ultra-high efficiency.

negotiated a contract with Duke Energy, which actually owns and operates the street lamps, to install the new and lamps and bulbs throughout the city over the next several months. The $206,000 cost of the installation will be amortized over a five-year period and paid in place of the previous street light bill.  The amortized cost of the installation results in a $500 monthly savings. After the five-year amortization period, the city will see a savings of roughly $4,300 per month compared to the current cost, with a monthly street light bill of only $700.

The lights will also appear whiter than the current high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps in place, so drivers and pedestrians may see a change. In addition, the lamps will have a modern, high-tech look that will be a noticeable difference from the current fixtures.

“This is a win-win for the city,” said Rusty Herzog. “We will have more effective street lights at a lower cost. I want to thank and Member for their work on this project.”