is welcoming a new member this week—Jodi Woffington has been selected to fill the unexpired term of . After reviewing 14 letters of interest from Wyoming residents, council members selected five to be interviewed and unanimously chose Woffington to step into the role.

Woffington was sworn in at the City Council meeting on May 16.

Early this year, WUW asked our newest council members to tell us about themselves. Now, we've done the same with Woffington.


We live on Hilltop Lane. In Wyoming speak, that's the “Walker House, Fritzhand House, Johnson House….”

How Long Have You Lived in Wyoming?

I have lived in Wyoming since 2013 with my husband, Jay, and our four kids. You might say that's nine years, but with four kids it's at least 36.

Your Career/Experience:

I have over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience. I was the President, Eastern Region, and Chief Global Client Officer of Possible Worldwide, a global digital advertising agency. I am the Founder and CEO of Fortitude Consulting, providing fractional C-suite leadership to businesses. Most recently, I was the Chief Marketing Officer for the Cincinnati Beverage Company, driving the turnaround of legacy beer brands such as Moerlein, Little Kings, and Hudepohl. Yes, we did the Hu-Dey beer for the Super Bowl. Sorry! We recently completed the sale of the company.

Why Did You Want to Join Council?

I have a lot of in Wyoming and there is a lot of positive momentum in our city. I'd like to leverage my unique talents to make a deeper impact in the .