The has brought another beautiful mural to Wyoming! It’s located on behind Gabby’s restaurant, near the new Universally Accessible Playground. The mural welcomes all with the greeting, “Come Play in Wyoming.” Wyoming Automotive owns the building on which the mural is painted.

This new mural joins several others in the city along the Avenue corridor. There’s a mural inside the Wyoming Public library; the School House Mural at Robinson’s Cleaners; a mural in the parking lot at Wyoming Fine Arts Center; a mural on the wall of Station restaurant; The Windows of Wyoming Mural facing the Village Green at Sight Optical; and the fun cow design mural at Wyoming Cowboy Cones.

The new “Come Play in Wyoming” mural was designed and painted by Dave Rickerd. Dave has been most of his life. He was first taught and inspired by his father, who is also an artist.

Dave has painted several murals around Greater Cincinnati, many of which are pictured on his website. On every mural, he paints three birds, representing his passion for the Bob Marley song “Three Little Birds.” He paints three little birds on all his murals to send the message shared in Marley’s song lyrics: ‘Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Reaction to Wyoming’s new mural has already been overwhelmingly positive. Our community can thank the and Judy Carter, Wyoming Show Volunteer for Special Projects. As Judy says, “When I see a wall, I see a mural.” And now, we can all see a mural on Crescent Avenue!