Whether selling chip wheelies at an event or organizing a meal train for a family in need, volunteering is a regular part of life in Wyoming. We may not know everyone, but we’re willing to step up and help anyone in our community. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, and want to give back in a big way, consider joining the Wyoming Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter.

The Wyoming Fire Department has been a volunteer organization since 1893—a setup that currently saves the City of Wyoming $2.5 to $3 million annually. It helps our community financially, and it also creates a sense of camaraderie. As Fire Chief Dennis Brown says, being a volunteer firefighter in Wyoming is “like gaining a second family.” Volunteers receive training so they can perform the job—they also learn to support one another, a skill that carries through to other aspects of life.

When imagining firefighting, many think about being in full gear, rushing into a burning house. The reality is that full structural fires are rare. Typical calls are for small oven fires, carbon monoxide detectors, auto accidents, or for the smell of smoke or odorous or natural gas. Occasionally, the crew rescues a dog stuck underneath a deck or a cat from the roof. They also participate in community outreach events and fire safety education at our schools.

The Fire Department facilitates training and certification. They also host a weekly drill to keep everyone fresh on their knowledge and skills. Wyoming High School students of any grade may apply. If their grades are sufficient, they can respond to calls during school hours and receive volunteer credit. Otherwise, volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Volunteers range from high school students to young professionals, CEOs and VPs, and retired members of the community.

Each volunteer has access to an app through which calls are communicated. When a call comes in, volunteers respond if they’re available. The Department expects volunteers to respond to three or four calls per month. A senior member of the Fire Department is present on every run and provides direction and leadership for the entire crew.

Please consider volunteering for the Fire Department. With one noble decision, you will carry on a nearly 130-year tradition, help the City of Wyoming save millions of dollars, and help friends and neighbors in a time of need. You may even help save a life.

For information on how to volunteer, click here.