from Dens 5 and 6 in ’s Pack 82 met with Wyoming Mayor and Chief of Police in the chambers to complete some of their requirements for earning their Wolf badges.

The Scouts listened attentively as Porter gave an overview of how the city is run by and the city manager. The Scouts shared information on the citizenship unit they have been working on for social studies in their second-grade classes and had a chance to ask the mayor and chief some questions. The question about why some streets don’t have sidewalks to help kids stay safe when walking to school lead to a particularly lively discussion. Once the mayor had been thoroughly interrogated, Scouts enjoyed the chance to sit in the chairs used by members.

As the Scouts were getting ready to leave, Herzog (or Officer Rusty, as he told the Scouts to call him) offered to give a quick tour of the city’s facilities outside the City Hall building. He showed the Scouts the the plant, City garage and removal equipment. The Scouts were especially excited about the huge pile of salt in the salt barn, but were disappointed when their parents wouldn’t let them do any climbing.