Congratulations to Wyoming Officer on his recent promotion to Sergeant!

Carr, who started working in nearly 10 years ago, has proven his commitment to the department and his leadership ability, says Chief Brooke Brady. “Sergeant Carr has always been dependable and goes above and beyond what you ask of him,” she says. “He is a great asset to our team.”

Carr always provides a high level of to the City. He has a passion for training and mentoring new officers, serving as Field Training Officer for many years, and recently taking over the program. He also enjoys working closely with the schools and the community.

“Being promoted is a huge honor and very humbling,” Carr says. “I hope to be a leader and mentor for newer and seasoned officers and assist in moving the department forward.

“I enjoy working in because of the small-town feel and the active presence the department displays in the community. It has never been just a job for me. It has been a joy to work in Wyoming. I look forward to working with and under Chief Brady with her sure-handed guidance and leadership.”