Ever wondered what to do with your unwanted household items and clothes? Starting in March you’ll be able to recycle them with your weekly curbside trash pick-up thanks to a new called Simple Recycling. The City of has contracted with to offer this to residents.

This free allows residents to use provided collection bags to gather unwanted household goods and clothing.  The first bags will be mailed to your home. Fill the bags with your items (see a list below), and then place it next to your regular on trash pick-up day. There is no limit on the number of bags you can leave by the curb.  If you need additional bags, call 866-835-5068, or go to SimpleRecycling.com to order.

“This will help residents recycle items that may have otherwise ended up in the trash,” says Public Works Director Terry Huxel. “It is not intended to replace charitable donations.  It is a way to prevent recyclable goods from going into a landfill.  This is one of the first services in the region to offer curbside pick-up of household goods. Previously, residents would have had to search for a location to recycle such items on their own.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this for the convenience of our residents,” adds Huxel.

Most household goods are accepted for recycling, including: clothing, bedding, shoes, towels, pillows, handbags and belts, toys, kitchenware, and tools. If you want more information about specific items, go to SimpleRecycling.com.