It’s March, and in that means Madness season. The competition starts on March 1 as 3,300 households make a run for roughly 500 free loads of leaf mulch, delivered to their driveways at no charge by the Public Works Department.

The highly-desired leaf is the result of an organic process that starts with the city’s fall leaf pick up and ends with grinding the leaf matter into rich mulch in February. Residents can order the mulch by emailing or going to and using the online order form. If you have no internet access, you can call the city at 513-821-7600.

Deliveries are made on a first come, first served basis.  Full (6-7 cubic yards) or half (3-4.5 cubic yards) truck loads are available, and residents are asked to leave instructions on where they’d like the leaf deposited to facilitate deliveries for PW crews, although trucks cannot leave a home’s driveway. While deliveries are free, the city gladly accepts small donations to help offset the cost of fuel.

Hesitation may lead to defeat, so act fast.

“Last year, when we started taking orders on the first Monday of March, we made it to Memorial Day weekend before closing the ordering, but years ago I remember going through 500 orders in three days,” said Debby Martin, executive assistant for the City of Wyoming.

For those residents who can’t use a half or a whole load of and prefer to just grab a bucket or two, Public Works will put a small supply of mulch out at for residents to help themselves. Residents are not permitted to go beyond the gate at Oak Park, however.