residents don’t have to travel far to access lots of great stores and services, and now physical therapy is among the services that many can access either at home, or through a short drive or even on foot, thanks to new businesses opening in town.

Physical Therapist Can Treat You at Home

If the convenience of physical therapy in your home appeals to you, resident and physical therapist Angela Onyekanne, PT, DPT could be your new choice for physical therapy.  

Onyekanne launched her business, Seniority Wellness and Consulting, LLC, with a goal of providing her clients with a full range of options in physical therapy and wellness, but without the brick and mortar clinic that traditionally comes along with such services.  Instead, she comes to you, providing one-on-one sessions right in your home.

“I liked the idea of being mobile,” she says.  “I think people are more comfortable in their homes or in a familiar setting. I’m also able to address mobility issues with the client that I otherwise wouldn’t see if they were visiting me at a clinic.”

Seniority Wellness is a participating provider with Medicare, which means Medicare patients can get insurance coverage for physical therapy services.  A physician referral is not necessary.  Private insurance clients can also get coverage through their insurance provider contingent upon their out-of-network benefits, which can vary depending on the plan. 

Onyekanne says she has a unique philosophy that emphasizes a proactive approach to care, rather than just treatment after an injury or loss of mobility.

“I think what many people don’t realize is that physical therapy can help you on the front end to address a downward spiral of mobility issues and injury- especially if the client has chronic medical issues that would impact their physical activity and hinder them from being independent. Most people just turn to therapy on the back end, after they’ve been injured or were in the hospital.  We need to be more pro-active in addressing physical activity declines and prevent health problems from occurring.”

Onyekanne mostly specializes in care for older adults and believes if you’re over 65, it’s a good idea to consult with a physical therapist at least annually to get advice on overall health issues, like exercise routines and injury prevention.  A yearly visit can also help you determine what you might do to improve your general well-being.  “I really feel my mission is to help people live better as they age.”

Onyekanne also offers exercise support after completion of skilled physical therapy, plus group wellness programs, dementia support, and specialized therapy for Parkinson’s patients. In addition, her business also offers mobile speech therapy services to address voice and swallowing disorders. To learn more, and to contact her, go to

Institute Opens on the Pike

When Institute asked physical therapist and Michigan native about relocating from their Kenwood office to the newest Cincinnati Drayer Physical Therapy Institute site in Wyoming, her first response was, “I just moved to Ohio and you want me to go where?” When she learned the location was just a few miles west, and not west of the Great Plains, she was excited and immediately accepted. “This is a great opportunity.”

is ’s newest business, offering PT services at their new office, 1507 Springfield Pike, in the building directly across the Pike from Subway. Frimenko is a part owner/investor in the local business, which is part of network of Drayer locations across the country. 

Physical Therapy office

Since it opened February 1, Frimenko and her assistant, Lauren Finley (a native of Colerain), have been impressed with everything about Wyoming. “Everyone has been super welcoming,” Frimenko said. “Even (Acting City Manager) Rusty (Herzog) and the came by to say hello. Everyone walks by and waves.”

Frimenko received her doctorate in physical therapy at Duke University and after a stint in Virginia, she moved to Cincinnati to be closer to her family, including a sister who lives in Montgomery. 

Why physical therapy? “You can make a huge impact on lives,” she said. “My grandfather needed a wheelchair, and after physical therapy he was able to walk up and down stairs until the day he died.” Seeing those results inspired her, and it is that desire to improve lives that Frimenko said motivates her at Drayer PT in Wyoming. 

Drayer takes all medical insurance, but Frimenko explained you don’t have to have a doctor’s prescription or a recovering injury for PT to make a difference. “If you have physical limitations or want more mobility, we can help,” said Frimenko, who added the practice could eventually grow to include more PT professionals.

“We could eventually support up to three physical therapists,” she said, noting that Drayer has more than 600 sites nationally including three in the Cincinnati area. Drayer operates in 11 states under the Upstream Rehabilitation family of brands.

For now, however, about half of the patients at the site have been city residents. “The first week we had six patients with appointments. After a month, we were averaging more than 40 a week. Every week there are more people, and we hope to eventually get involved in the community.”

For more information, and to schedule a visit, go to