It’s summertime, and things are finally looking up, so our neighborhood restaurants are ready to celebrate with the community. The newly formed is hosting their first big event, a Neighborhood Block Party with live all over town, on June 12 from 2 to 10 p.m.

neighborhood block party

Residents can enjoy bands, each a different genre of music, at four local spots. Whether you listen to one act or a few, be sure to grab lunch, dinner, and a beverage while you’re out. Here’s a look at the event schedule:

2–4 p.m., Anna Applegate Trio at

4–6 p.m., Cardinal String Band at Tela Bar + Kitchen

6–8 p.m., Michael Andrew Band at Family + BBQ

8–10 p.m., Ricky Nye on Crescent Ave.

“We wanted to celebrate, and we think is a great way to do that,” says Karen Klaus, co-owner of Family + BBQ. “We’re grateful to this community for the support. Everyone was flexible and stood behind us during the pandemic. This event is meant to be a token of our appreciation.”

Formed last month, the Wyoming Independent Restaurant Association ( consists of Family + BBQ, Café, Tela Bar + Kitchen, Half Day Café, Wyoming Community Coffee, Wyoming Meat Market, Wyoming Pastry Shop, and Cowboy Cones. The group’s mission is to collaborate, provide support for one another, share ideas, and create events for the city.

“There’s a lot of positive energy at each of our establishments, and we think we can be even stronger together,” Klaus says

Don’t miss that positive energy next weekend at the Neighborhood Block Party!