Two Wyoming entrepreneurs, Ron Callahan of Ron’s Bike Garage, LLC and Jay Fridy of Winning Edge Mobile Sharpening, LLC are the winners of the City of Wyoming’s third annual Green Business Award. The award, conceived by Wyoming’s Environmental Stewardship Commission (ESC), puts a spotlight on businesses that emphasize conservation and make a positive impact on the environment. This year’s award winners truly exemplify the spirit of the award. Not only do both businesses work to conserve resources, the very purpose behind these businesses is keeping consumer products in tip-top shape, saving them from the landfill.

Ron’s Bike Garage

Ron’s Bike Garage specializes in bicycle assembly, repair, and maintenance. “We are super-focused on ‘re-use’,” says Callahan. “Other bike shops tell their customers their bikes are beyond repair, but we try to restore almost any bike so people can get out riding without having to buy a new bike.” If a customer has outgrown a bike, Ron’s Bike Garage tries to find another home for it. According to Callahan, “In the rare situation that a bike is not salvageable, it never goes in the trash ‘as-is’. I take the time to break it down into materials for recycling or reuse to repair other bikes.”

Ron’s Bike Garage reduces its environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly cleaners and lubricants and the selection of suppliers that focus on reducing packaging and efficient shipping. “We strive to recycle as much as possible, breaking down bike boxes for cardboard recycling as well as keeping separate bins for aluminum, steel and #4 plastic bags and packaging for the appropriate facilities,” says Callahan.

Winning Edge Mobile Sharpening

Winning Edge Mobile Sharpening, LLC is a professional, precision mobile sharpening service that helps foodies, chefs, and gardeners in Greater Cincinnati get the best performance from their blades. Professional sharpening prolongs the lives of knives and hand tools, so Fridy’s service keeps these tools in service much longer. He wraps the sharpened tools in recycled newspaper to further reduce environmental impact.

You may have seen Fridy’s sharpening tent at the Wyoming Farmer’s Market or other local market. Fridy doesn’t need to plug into an outlet to perform his sharpening services. His entire operation is solar powered. The solar panels are a prominent part of his display, which gives Fridy the opportunity to tell other people about the benefits of solar. “Using solar to power my equipment has always been important to me,” says Fridy. “Having the portable panels set up at the farmers’ markets and the other places I sharpen has been a great catalyst for conversations about point-of-use solar power. I hope those conversations have more people considering solar for some of their needs.”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“Both Green Business Award recipients this year built their business around the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are proof that ‘green’ business is smart business, and we are lucky to have them in Wyoming so they can help us keep our bikes and tools in good shape for years to come,” says Sarah Flem, ESC member.

The 2021 Wyoming Green Business Awards will be presented at the December 20, 2021 Wyoming City Council meeting, with a reading of a proclamation. Previous winners of the award include Sally L. Noble Architect, LLC; Sheldon Reder CPAs; Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church; Tela Bar + Kitchen; and Wyoming Community Coffee. Look for the Wyoming Green Business Award logo on the doors of local businesses and on their websites.